About LingoPat

The name LingoPat

The word LingoPat is a fusion of the word Lingo (Language) and the word Expat (Expatriate), the idea is that everyone who learns a new language is an expat in the world of languages.

What we do

LingoPat strives to provide a platform for all those who are set out on the endeavor of learning new languages, our vision is to connect people from all over the world and bridge borders by giving them the tools to find language exchange partners anywhere.

On LingoPat we want to increase cultural awarness and leave aside our differences through the mutual exchange of languages, we want to encourage our members to be tolerant and learn from each other by having an open mind for new things and curiosity to discover what lies behind the screen of difference.

Our belief is, that through language exchange, we can bring together people from various backgrounds and increase tolerance and peace by promoting the understanding of each other and our cultures.

Welcome to LingoPat!