Language Exchange

What is language exchange?

Language exchange is a free exchange of ones native language in return for the partners native language. Two or more people study, talk or message each other in order to learn the the partners native language. The whole exchange of languages is free and often long lasting friendships are forged in the course of learning a new language.

Many people who do language exchange with the opposite sex, report that they found their better half in their language exchange partner. The opportunities are virtually endless, the only boundary is the creativity of both partners while teaching each other and learning the languages, culture and customs from each other.

How to do language exchange?

In order to do language exchange, you should find a partner first. Once you have a partner, you can either talk to them through text- or voice- chat, or meet in person and have a conversation or study together.

Many people meet up in cafes with their partner or a whole group of language exchangees to help each other learn new languages, others go to bars or restaurants and just hold conversations over food and drinks. You decide what fits you best to get the most out of your own language exchange experience.

What are the benefits?

Compared to studying alone, practicing with a native speaker gives you the opportunity to ask questions right away and get information that you would not find in any of your books.

With a native speaker on your side, you may also inquire about cultural aspects like traditions, taboos, superstitions and prejudices. Your language exchange partner can check your written language, help you improve your pronounciation and become a real friend or even life partner. And all this at no cost at all.